We provide the development tools

and more modern cluster cooperation


Andalusian Plastic Cluster belongs to European Cluster Collaboration Platform, which aims to provide cluster organizations with development and cooperation modern tools.

Clúster del Plástico en Andalucía

These tools allow:

  • To make an efficient use of network instruments (search for potential partners and opportunities)
  • National and international collaborations
  • Supporting new value chains emergence through cross-sectoral cooperations.
  • Access to last news/events/calls for cluster developing
  • To improve partners performance and competitivity

Benefits of joining Andalusian Plastic Cluster:

  • Increasing technological development and innovation of partner companies, regardless of company size and technological resources.
  • Access to new business, products and services networks by promoting multisectorial collaboration
  • Capacity and opportunities to stimulate and internationalize SME from plastic sector
  • Get an environment for promoting new business opportunities between cluster´s partners and other clusters 
  • Increase of competitivity, productivity and efficiency of partners since they are in a properly environment with qualified staff and as a consequence of collective technology knowledge
  • Create sustainable employment and wealth
  • Increase partners visibility and promotion opportunities in national and international markets
  • Keep updated with last news of plastic sector
  • Decrease your costs by belonging to a cross-sectorial collaborating network
Clúster del Plástico en Andalucía