Evolving towards a big sustainable business and technological network

Clúster del Plástico en Andalucía
Who we are


Andalusian Plastic Cluster is the first Andalusian network formed by private companies, institutions and training centres collaborating towards the development of new polymeric materials as well as transforming plastics and related sectors.

Prompted from its beginning by Andaltec Foundation and the Provincial Council of Jaén, Andalusian Plastic Cluster aims at been a catalyst nexus in the generation of new business opportunities and an economic growth of the associated members.

Partners are committed to collaborate focussing on defined goals: strengthen our global market strategic position and generate employment and wealth by improving business competitiveness through stimulating innovation, collaboration and internationalisation.  

What we do


We promote companies collaboration actions in order to attract investments and reaching a sustainable development in Andalusia by generating new business opportunities, promoting Andalusian plastic sector internationally and boosting the development of new innovative products and projects through the exchange of experiences and knowledge.



Promoting synergy and collaborative working culture among Andalusian companies dealing with plastic and related sector, in order to prompt new business opportunities, economic and sustainable growth as a consequence of collective innovative technological development.



To become a big sustainable commercial and technological network, an international reference of plastic sector. Add value to companies and society by developing innovative products and projects. 

Clúster del Plástico en Andalucía

  Strategic lines


  • Supporting creation of new business models and opportunities between companies (intra-cluster and inter-cluster).
  • To make a collaborative network for facilitating Andalusian companies getting access to great business opportunities which would be hardly reachable by their own.
  • To create sustainable employment and wealth around plastic industry business.


  • Increase partners RDI activities promoting new products development and innovative technology implementation.
  • Participation as a cluster in national and European RDI projects.
  • Arrange training courses, conferences and workshops.


  • Establishing national and international contacts network of interest for the partners.
  • Stimulate and internationalize SME from plastic sector.
  • Boosting joint trade missions.


Andalusian Plastic Cluster covers the whole plastic sector value chain and all kind of industrial sectors.

Plastic has a cross-cutting scope in several sectors such as automotive, packaging and recycling. It is present in all areas of today’s society and can also be introduced in products where it is not currently used due to i

ts low cost and numerous applications. 

Plastic allows increase companies and products competitiveness due to its benefits such as resistance, lightweight and it can be recycled several times.